2008/07/17  On a sunny afternoon, the office of Fang Mingsheng, the person in charge of Songfu’s relocation, was still bustling with bustle and bustle, with the secretary answering the phone and the appraisal manager actively accepting the case.

Fang Mingsheng, with a beard and dark skin, is 53 years old this year. He looks energetic and greets customers. On Fang Mingsheng’s desk, the desktop on the computer screen shows him riding a Harley motorcycle to participate in the motorcade I have more than 20 years of experience in moving freight, and I also have such a unique interest.
Fang Mingsheng said with a smile that it was his father’s influence that he would be engaged in the moving and freight business. Fang Mingsheng’s father was born as a mover on Xiamen Street. He watched his father’s sports car since he was a child. When it was time to work, he chose the moving business. With a strong foundation, this stay lasted for more than 20 years. Fang Mingsheng said modestly that he was not good at reading, so he chose the labor industry, and the freight moving business started from his own generation. “It was only my husband and wife who started the business. Since it was established in 1983, we started with two people, and now we have 40 people. When there were few people, most of the things had to be done by ourselves. When there were 40 people, I was just supporting. When I owe the car to the driver, I also go to help drive, sometimes it is a big venue, and I have to monitor the site, such as the relocation of the entire building of Synnex Corporation, and I have to assist in the relocation procedures on site.”

Enterprise relocation, first planning

At that time, Synnex Group concentrated all its overseas offices back to the enterprise building on Minsheng East Road, Fuxing North Road, and Songfu contracted the relocation project. “Large companies pay more attention to the quality of relocation than the price. Although large companies will compare prices, they may not let the industry contract just because the asking price is low.” Fang Mingsheng said that international freight pays attention to fine workmanship, and the detailed positioning of goods is also the performance of professional services. There are regulations on the desk that matches the office chair. As for the relocation project of the Swiss Bank, Matsufuk was responsible for all the import business, including seven 40-foot shipping containers of furniture, which were all relocated overnight to the Cathay Financial Holdings Building.
“The requirements for a high-quality office environment are very strict. Before the relocation, the enterprise will give the mover a configuration diagram. After the relocation is completed, the company will check and sign off according to the configuration diagram. According to the configuration diagram, determine the number of executives and the manpower and material resources required for the relocation sequence. , is to test the professional ability of the moving company.” Xie Xiuyu, the wife who is the general manager and in charge of the company’s back office management, added. The valuation manager uses the floor plan as the basis for the relocation arrangement, and judges the arrangement. Because the environment of each company is different, if multiple departments of the same unit are relocated at the same time, they need to communicate the order through a briefing, including the location of the department.
“An office of two to three hundred square meters, from the old office to the new office, covers the supervisor’s personal office. It must be planned before the order of relocation and resettlement can be judged. The company will explain the internal relocation unit, and the relocation company will go to the site to survey the site and coordinate various departments. During the relocation time of the unit, we also encountered a situation where we had to move on the same day, but every employee was still working on site when we arrived at the office.” Fang Mingsheng said.

Zhong Mulang, who has served Songfu moving for more than four years and served as the manager of the moving department, said that the boss is very strict in interacting with guests. Taking Synnex’s case as an example, after properly planning the entire process, it will first fully discuss with employees and assign tasks. When they arrive at the site, they can use the long-term working tacit understanding among colleagues to do a good job within the scope of work; and The general manager organizes the back office. If the master arrives at the site and encounters difficulties such as insufficient vehicles or insufficient manpower, he will dispatch, coordinate and make judgments. Songfu’s attendance rate is very high, not only for the moving part, but also for the freight transportation, sometimes there are seventy or eighty trips a day. Therefore, daily contact and accumulation over time, it takes at least a year for an internal staff to develop.
“Sometimes it is not the responsibility of the moving company to move non-moving items, but consumers will hope that the moving master can provide additional moving services. Basically, the staff will try their best to meet such needs, because, after all, the service is up to Finally, the “Customer Opinion Survey” is the most important feedback from customers. I hope that this reply form will respond to my professional performance. If I don’t provide help for items that are not designated for moving, I’m sorry. What I did today is in vain. It’s time to work. So invisibly, our colleagues will do our best.” Zhong Mulang directly pointed out the “Customer Opinion Survey” mechanism established by Cui Mama’s excellent moving evaluation system, which has caused service quality in the process of moving consumers key to impact.
When choosing colleagues, Fang Mingsheng said that he should first look at character. The most important thing in managing a moving company is people. In fact, the boss does not need to take care of the internal affairs too much. “I only take care of two or three people.” The hierarchical authorization is Fang Mingsheng’s management method. “What’s up with your group? “, he went back to ask, go back and get it done.”

In 1996, we were entrusted by the Malawi embassy to provide cross-border relocation services. We provided a one-stop service from dispatching personnel to evaluate, sign contracts, pack, and locate inside containers, and depart from 20-foot CY containers to Keelung container yards. Twelve workers were dispatched. Personnel, Fang Mingsheng said, “Foreign envoys are most concerned about the service attitude during the work process.” After all, Malawi represents a country, so it is very concerned about the packaging of items. No matter how new or old the items are, the packaging must look very careful , After the case was over, the unit was very satisfied and presented two bottles of wine as a token of gratitude.

International relocation, designated services

For international relocation, some of them return to China to settle in the United States. Consumers are very accustomed to paying in US dollars. Therefore, almost no customers will object to the market price offered by Songfu here. With more than 20 years of operation Based on the word-of-mouth recommendation of many customs brokers and shipping companies, Songfu has won the entrustment of many upstream enterprises.
“Consumers feel trust in our ability to entrust them with large and small tasks. Whether it is Malawi abroad or some families of overseas immigrants, Honglin will also appoint Songfu service, a cabinet. Come in 20 feet, I hope that Matsufuku will assist in the relocation.” Matsufuku also moved the ambassador of Belize, and cultivated a fixed working team to carry out overseas relocation business.
Take Shiatzy, which is located next to Louis Vuitton at the intersection of Changchun Road and Zhongshan North Road, as an example. The imported furniture for the entire building of the Shiatzy Qijian store is operated by Matsufu. Two 40-foot containers, through prior communication and on-site drawings, Night construction is completed in one night. Fang Mingsheng said that when the time comes for the crane, stacker, and staff to start work, everything must be in place, and the entire contracting time must be coordinated with the company. The foreign objects are brought out from the container yard and placed in the depot first, and then During the container dismantling period, traffic laws and regulations stipulate that cranes can enter the time limit. In addition, some companies need to go to work during the day for interior decoration, so the work must be done at night. To do well, it must be like this. Consumers must have a blueprint of the item in advance, provide the information to the moving company, and the moving company will take over, so that there will be no problems at the back end, and each case is tailor-made.

At present, Songfu has also used digital management to manage cases. For high-end furniture, pianos, and vehicles, customers only need to take photos of the products, measure the length and width, and inform them of their expected needs, and put them on the Internet or mail them directly to Songfu. Further services are available. “With the data, you can immediately have a concept to think about the entire operation process, and then discuss and coordinate with the master. The speed, labor saving and accuracy of digital can solve the doubts of consumers. We already have the strength to achieve this level. Operationally I also hope to get more work orders than the price.” Xie Xiuyu said.

Songfu also undertakes the relocation business of colleges and universities, and cooperates with Soochow University to move students. “Because it is engaged in freight transportation, there are more than 50 large and small vehicles, from the smallest Facai car, CRRC, to large trucks. , I dare to pick up the trailer, I am afraid that there is no job. After picking it up, we will digest it in groups. We are operating with this concept. Why is it customary for every customs broker to appoint Songfu, because they think that they can find a single one? Done, we have this confidence.” Song Fu contracted the relocation business around the world, general import and export goods pick-up, delivery, upright, grand piano fine move, international door-to-door move, packing furniture, luggage delivery, 5.35 Ton trailers, import and export CY container delivery, whole plant relocation planning and handling process, container, warehouse rental covering freight, from the United States, the mainland (Shanghai, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Suzhou), Japan, single moving from personal work to family, For business relocation, consumers from Fuzhou also came to Taiwan to buy antique furniture this year, and entrusted Songfu Mini Tee to send to the mainland. In order to diversify their operations and increase service areas, they hope to have a larger share in the domestic relocation sector.

Business philosophy, human relationship repair

Talking about the difference between running a moving company in the past and now, Fang Mingsheng said with a wry smile: “It was easier before, because in the past, although consumers did not move much, most of the moves were happy events, and the customers were all smiling. Now Consumers have a lot of experience in the packaging and price comparison of objects, and the relative requirements are relatively high. They have different opinions on positioning as a family, and often cannot be confirmed immediately. Even some moving masters have returned to the company two hours later. We even received customers asking for assistance in moving the refrigerator.” In contrast, the customers in the past were not so picky about things, and the service items in the past were not so diverse, as long as the things are located, it is the customer after the fact. My own business, but it is different now, the master must take the trouble to ask for confirmation, if there is no inquiry, the consumer says they want to move, and they still need assistance in moving.
“Consumer awareness has risen, what rights do I have, if you don’t do it well for me, you will be scolded like a treasure, so it is necessary to do a good job of “humanity repair”. Fang Mingsheng said, Shifu provides moving services. If consumers want to change locations when they return, even if Shifu has returned to the company, the company will still ask Master to assist consumers. Even if Shifu has asked consumers before leaving, consumers will say No problem, in such a situation, even if you feel wronged, you will still come to the house for assistance because of the company’s request. We help consumers to provide the best service, and next time he will entrust you to serve and introduce customers for you. “The so-called maintenance of human relationship refers to maintaining the human relationship after moving. If you need assistance or have misunderstood things, you can repair it. You fix the human relationship.” Fang Mingsheng said that Songfu’s moving is very important. The business philosophy.

A channel for the disadvantaged to do good deeds

Songfu moved to participate in Cui Mama’s excellent moving evaluation system for eight years. In 2007, “Residential Assistance for the Disadvantaged”, Songfu subsidized nine disadvantaged moving projects. “In these few cases, most of them were single-parent families. They really didn’t know what to do when they moved. They could tidy up the small things by themselves, and they could help her with the big things because she couldn’t find a boy. There is no elder brother, or it is impossible for the elder brother to help, and the children are young, so for single mothers, they are really grateful for such a process of being supported.
In terms of support for the disadvantaged, helping a person is helping a family. Most people in this situation will feel less secure. For many female single parents, trustworthy movers can help them handle the moving work that they cannot do physically. , provides a sense of psychological security, plus it is the moving company recommended by Cui’s mother, and will not be cheated, will not be deceived, and there will be no personal safety risk of knowing the address, so it will be more at ease, and the economic part , and received substantive support, for them, it has a great influence. “Mother Cui’s disadvantaged support social worker Huang Shuna said. “Subsidies from the Disadvantaged Moving Fund and discounts for moving companies have indeed eased the financial burden of moving.” Ms. Chen, a single mother who benefited from the support of the Cui Mama Disadvantaged Fund, said. “Mama Cui Foundation is a supporting organization, so we can participate in it. Mama Cui provides us with such an opportunity, so we have the opportunity to perform. Because the foundation has an audit mechanism to judge the authenticity of vulnerable families Otherwise, it is not ideal when people pretend to be disadvantaged and use the mechanism to consume us, asking for discounts and fund support. This is a waste of social resources, so social services must have a mechanism. We help them when they need to help.” Xie Xiuyu said.

Manager Zhong Mulang said, “Sometimes, when the weather is too hot, guests will ask the master to drink water. When we meet vulnerable guests who want to treat guests, we will say no and show our hearts, because their lives are very difficult. A bottle of water costs 20 yuan. 12 yuan for six people, 12 yuan for six people, 20 yuan for one talent, but for a poor family, it is the cost of a meal. We can all understand this feeling. I have also moved The trip to a visually impaired person took a car for four hours, because he couldn’t see, he didn’t know where things were placed, and every item had to be checked by touch. Later, I asked him to sit there and I moved one thing to the front, asked him to confirm it, and asked him to touch it. Using this way of consuming the master’s energy, it can reduce the difficulty for the visually impaired to walk in the space where the furniture has not been positioned. Finally, after moving, he opened the skin In addition, he has 2700 yuan left in his account, and this time the moving fee is 2500 yuan, and there is 200 yuan left, and he said he would give us a tip. In that case, it is impossible for us to take it from him. The invisible person, It is always inconvenient to earn money and eat. In this case, the master will report back to the company and automatically ask for discounts and preferential treatment. For those who are poor and poor, Songfu will not distinguish whether they take the initiative to declare that they are weak, and the price will be lower. Offered a discount.”
When encountering such disadvantaged friends, Huang Shuna said that moving companies can still ask visually impaired friends to contact the Mama Cui Foundation, because in addition to the 20% discount for low-income households, if you do not have the qualifications for low-income households, Mama Cui also provides other subsidy methods. Mama Cui’s social worker will personally visit to confirm the actual situation and determine the amount of subsidy. Recently, there have been some similar cases, all of which were referred by the moving company.