About mid-October 2019, right? Our partner in France sent us a letter about personal belongings (i.e. unaccompanied luggage), the shipper is a foreigner (originally from Ireland), the items are shipped from the port of Marseilles in France, and the overseas moving destination is Taipei The recipient’s home in the city.

The import and export of checked luggage is our specialty. After confirming that the contents of the checked items do not contain any items prohibited from importing in Taiwan, we will inform the French side of the need for documents and information, and contact the recipient by letter. Obtain their personal information: including passport/valid Taiwan residence permit/entry record/air ticket record.. etc., and prepare to operate this import service as always.

As soon as the shipper’s personal information was received, a serious problem was discovered; since the shipper entered Taiwan in May 2019, the arrival time of the luggage was about December. Regarding the determination of the time of baggage declaration in Taiwan’s customs law, the effective time of declared baggage is calculated from the day of entry of inbound passengers, Import within six months. That’s right, time has passed!

 Because the goods arrived in Taiwan from France, the shipper’s original plan of leaving the country and then entering the country did not have any help or possibility of realization. After asking customs brokers and customs officers, it is determined that the declaration conditions for <personal items> can only be changed to <Foreign goods import> Terms of trade.     Simply put, the list needs to be remade! !

However, neither the shipper nor our French manufacturer has more detailed information on the consignment items. There is no other way but to open the box to confirm the contents after the item arrives in Hong Kong under customs supervision. Recreate the customs declaration list. Originally, these are not within the scope of our services and are additional services, which will naturally increase the cost of the shipper.

After sorting out the items and confirming the applicable tax rates for each item, the customs declaration form for self-use items that originally only had one column indicating that it was completed on one page has changed to three pages, and the declaration items have been changed to 27 items. The highest rate applicable to imported goods is 12% (clothing). Fortunately, although there are many items entered by the shipper, the quantity is very small. In the end, a tax of more than 4,000 Taiwan dollars needs to be paid for the tax verification. It is inevitable to explain to the customs officers that these items are not imported for sale, and thanks to the consignor who has not left Taiwan since entering Taiwan in May 2019. The customs accepted our explanation, accepted the customs declaration and allowed the luggage to be released. At this point, the items can finally be sent to the shipper.

The overall time is roughly as follows: the baggage import date is December 22, 2019, the import declaration date is December 24, and the baggage is delivered to the consignor on January 10, 2020

Although the shipper was not in Taiwan on the day the item was delivered, we delivered the consigned item to the study location designated by the shipper with the help of his friends. Finally in

On January 12, we received a reply from the shipper, which is quoted as follows:

————————————- Quoted below ——– —————————————-

I’ve been in China so haven’t had the opportunity to react to the delivery of my things. I was very pleased to see that everything arrived in perfect condition and have no issues to report. 

I want to thank you for all your assistance and for expediting the process there at the end. All’s well that ends well! 

Happy (Lunar) New Year and I wish you a prosperous year of the mouse. 

Best regards, 


——————————————-End of quote– ——————————————-

Although it is really tiring to modify the customs declaration information and confirm the tax rate, it is done under the premise of the efforts of our team without adding too many additional costs (including customs duties) that the shipper should bear. Accepted this commission. Our team works equally hard in what the shipper can see and where they can’t see, and a letter of encouragement from the shipper also brings the consignment work to a perfect end.


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