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    We provide economic moving, general moving, exquisite moving and other solutions, welcome to inquire about Song Fu moving, welcome to inquire about Taipei moving.

    Economic Moving

    Economic moving, also known as self-service moving, packaging, disassembly and going up and down the stairs need to be handled by the guests themselves, Song Fu Commissioner will assist the guests to move the items on and off the first floor (unloading on the first floor, excluding moving upstairs), the cost is usually lower than that of general moving.

    Exquisite Moving

    Designed for busy guests who do not have time to pack, Song Fu's professional moving staff will help you pack the boxes and transport them to your new home for unloading.

    General Moving

    Personal belongings (clothes, books, dishes, etc.) are packed by the guests themselves, large furniture is packed by Song Fu mover staff to help you pack and assist in carrying all items to the new home for unloading, large furniture can be located free of charge.


    In addition, different schemes can be combined with a variety of different pricing methods (car pricing, time-based system, etc.), with the assistance of Song Fu professionals, consumers can choose the most suitable moving plan and charges, please refer to moving billing methods.

    Song Fu Tinkerbell - Individual/Family Moving

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    Moving Process

    Zodiac Ospithes De Reflex

    In folk tradition, moving always likes to pick a good day and ask for a good omen.
    Those who have this need can refer to the good days of moving in Songfu Moving Calendar!

    Introduction to the moving process

    Also known as self-service moving, packaging, disassembly and going up and down the stairs need to be handled by the guests themselves, Song Fu specialist will assist the customer to move the items on and off the car on the first floor of the starting and ending place (unloading on the first floor, excluding moving upstairs), the cost is usually lower than that of general moving.

    How moving is billed

    "Priced by Truck" = Number of vehicles per trip x Unit price per trip

    Song Fu professionals will inform consumers of the unit price of a vehicle according to the price factors such as the handling floor, handling distance, walking distance, special terrain, and overweight items. On the day of moving, the number of vehicles to be carried is multiplied by the original unit price of one car, and if only half a vehicle is loaded, the price is calculated as half a vehicle. This method is mostly suitable for general family moving and company relocation, and is also the most common pricing method.

    Students or single guests usually choose the Xiao Fortune Car (1.79T), which will be assisted by a professional moving master of Song Fu ; The 3.49T pickup truck is more suitable for general family moving, with the assistance of two moving masters.

    "Total Price" = Cost of completing all removal services

    Evaluating the removal of all furniture items and then reporting the total contract amount to the consumer, simply put, providing a complete quotation covering all the costs incurred in moving, large furniture packaging, unloading, or other expenses. It is usually suitable for domestic family moving, international moving, relocation of special objects with special heavy machinery and factory equipment, expensive art works or a large number of other special objects.

    Manual timekeeping

    If consumers choose to move by car price, but need to go to the house to help pack their personal belongings before moving, or if they still need more manpower to help carry in addition to one or two moving masters in one car, they can choose to hire additional professional masters from Song Fu to assist in moving by hourly billing.

    Exquisite moving

    Before officially moving, a commissioner will be sent to the house to pack all the moving items, that is, from exquisite packaging, handling, positioning, furniture disassembly and assembly, all the handling actions are handled by Taipei Song Fu exquisite moving master, so that you can easily move without hands. However, the price of this method is also higher. It is suitable for consumers who are busy with work and life and do not have time to deal with moving matters.

    Taipei Song Fu Moving Company also provides economic moving, general moving, exquisite moving and other solutions, please visit Domestic Moving Plan for details. The price is fair, welcome to inquire.

    Hands-on packaging services

    Have you ever thought about going abroad for a few days on business, and you can move into a new home immediately after returning to Taiwan?

    It takes a lot of time to collect things every time you move, can someone help you pack and move without having to do it?

    Taipei Song Fu Moving Company now launches a hands-free packing and moving service, which only takes a few days to make you move into your new home easily!

    One of the most troublesome things about moving is packing your belongings! Often because there are too many things, lack of manpower, or lack of time to complete the packing before moving. In the past, it may take us up to a week to pack before moving, but now Song Fu Taipei Moving also provides you with hands-on packing and storage services!

    Whether it is personal clothes, daily necessities, books and documents, or large items such as furniture and appliances, as long as you make an appointment by phone, someone will come to the house to do the moving, packing and storage services for you. In addition to emphasizing that guests are "hands-free" throughout the process, Song Fu Taipei Moving Company's 50 years of professional moving and packaging experience can also make your beloved items receive the strictest protection!

    Taipei Song Fu Moving Company was founded in 1972 to now has more than 50 years of experience in Taipei Moving Company, from freight, domestic professional moving packaging, extended services to international moving, served customers include large enterprises, government agencies, schools, individual family moving, recently more committed to improving service quality, providing exquisite moving, hands-free moving services, etc., making your moving easier!

    As long as you have the need to pack and move, you can call directly to inquire about details!

    Individual/family moving

    Most of the needs of personal moving are mostly students or single and usually the objects that need to be moved are much less than those of ordinary families, so when consumers call or write to inquire, please try to provide a list of objects that need to be moved in the house; Examples: single beds, boxes of books, boxes of clothes... etc., and the model used in the previous handling to refer to the possible handling situation, we can provide a car pricing method based on professional moving experience, and help you make a quick quotation. The staff will also list the cost of each vehicle in the contract before moving to protect the rights and interests of both parties.

    Family moving usually moves a large amount, at this time in the telephone and letter inquiry, in addition to first to you to do a preliminary understanding, we will still hope to agree with the customer to appoint a professional manager to the house to evaluate, to confirm the required cost and moving time, and can agree on the pre-delivery of cartons/environmental boxes and other packaging materials, if the consumer agrees to the quotation, a cooperation contract will be established to ensure the rights and interests of both parties.

    Individual and family porters can provide quotations by car or home valuation services over the phone.

    Office/Factory Relocation

    Different from the general family relocation, factory office relocation items, as small as stationery documents, large to mechanical equipment or precision instruments, the number of items is usually many and complex, the relocation process also consumes more man-hours and personnel, please manufacturers to establish the positioning configuration plan of the new office in advance, Song Fu will plan the complete relocation process and circulation for you according to the configuration diagram, exquisite furniture and precision mechanical equipment that require special protection, you can also inform Song Fu in advance to do a good job of packaging protection for you, welcome to inquire, Let Taipei Song Fu Moving professional appraiser come to the scene to provide you with a quotation for your estimate.。

    Factory office relocation instructions

    1. Please clean and pack your desk items for personal use, mark them clearly and place them on the outside of the seat for staff to carry them.
      2. For computer equipment, please dismantle the wiring in advance, pack the box and put it on the table.
      3. Public facilities, tables and cabinets shall be packed and marked by personnel sent by various departments, and placed nearby.
      4. Please first create a complete configuration plan of the new office to facilitate the positioning of large furniture, tables and cabinets by moving staff.
      5. All the computers, machinery, and instrument lines, circuits, tubing, etc. to be transported need to be disassembled by the manufacturer to a transportable state, and the parts should be packed and marked to facilitate handling.
      6. Please notify the management committee guards who move out and move in advance before moving, and request the use of multiple elevators.
      7. The elevator (freight elevator) protection measures are the responsibility of the moving company, please inform the access control rules in advance.
      8. On the day of moving, each department should send personnel to guide the positioning and placement of the porters' belongings.
      9. For delicate furniture and equipment that require special protection, please inform the moving company in advance for packaging protection.
      10. The documents of the company's iron cabinet and iron frame shall be sorted out and labeled by your company.

    Songfu Tinkerbell - Office/Factory Relocation Download this page:PDF Word

    Moving pianos and other special weights 

    Music room with grand piano and double bass , hardwood floor and white wall- 3d rendering

    Move the upright piano

    Song Fu Seiji Piano. Machine. Computer. Treasury. Furniture. Precision instruments. Air conditioning disassembly and assembly professionals. Attentive and responsible. Fair price

    PS. The packaging and handling method of the piano varies according to the situation, and Master Song Fu will discuss the most suitable method with the customer after professional evaluation.

    Other special weights

    In addition to general moving and piano moving inside and outside the island, Song Fu Taipei Moving Company is also quite good at other special heavy loads, and customers are also welcome to inquire.


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