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    International Moving

    Song Fu Transportation Co., Ltd. provides cross-border evacuation luggage transportation services between major cities in Europe, Asia, the United States, Australia... and other continents; complete or segmented services from the packaging of consigned items to the destination to your home. According to your needs, we will plan the most suitable shipping method for you, whether it is a large volume of combined cabinets, full container shipments of 20-40 feet containers, or international round-trip transportation of a small amount of luggage/items over 70KG, welcome to Contact us!

    International Moving Inquiry Points

    • Complete origin/destination address floor (or valid zip code)
    • Pre-consigned items or a pre-consigned list of consigned items
    • Date you want to move

    Basic process of international moving


    Hands-on packaging services

    Have you ever thought about going abroad for a few days on business, and you can move into a new home immediately after returning to Taiwan?

    It takes a lot of time to collect things every time you move, can someone help you pack and move without having to do it?

    Taipei Songfu Moving Company now launches a hands-free packing and moving service, which only takes a few days to make you move into your new home easily!

    One of the most troublesome things about moving is packing your belongings! Often because there are too many things, lack of manpower, or lack of time to complete the packing before moving. In the past, it may take us up to a week to pack before moving, but now Songfu Taipei Moving also provides you with hands-on packing and storage services!

    Whether it is personal clothes, daily necessities, books and documents, or large items such as furniture and appliances, as long as you make an appointment by phone, someone will come to the house to do the moving, packing and storage services for you. In addition to emphasizing that guests are “hands-free” throughout the process, Songfu Taipei Moving Company’s 50 years of professional moving and packaging experience can also make your beloved items receive the strictest protection!

    Taipei Songfu Moving Company was founded in 1972 to now has more than 50 years of experience in Taipei Moving Company, from freight, domestic professional moving packaging, extended services to international moving, served customers include large enterprises, government agencies, schools, individual family moving, recently more committed to improving service quality, providing exquisite moving, hands-free moving services, etc., making your moving easier!

    As long as you have the need to pack and move, you can call directly to inquire about details!


    Bulk cargo/consolidation, sea consolidation, for the vast majority of customers with international relocation needs are the most economical options. Because the price of sea freight is much cheaper than that of air freight, especially the more you bring, the cost is relatively cheap; However, because the sea freight time is much longer than that of air freight (about a month or so), it is more suitable for customers who do not have urgent time needs.

    The basic shipping unit for sea freight is 1CBM (cubic meter, 1CBM=35.315 wood), if the customer's items are less than half a container, we will recommend shipping the goods by consolidation. Although consolidation is the most economical option, the risk of damage is slightly increased because it is shipped with other people's goods. Therefore, customers who choose to merge containers, must pay attention to whether the packaging services provided by the contracting company are sufficient when handling.

    Full cabinet

    Not all the time, consolidation is the cheapest option. When the customer's handling demand exceeds half a container, our professional business personnel will carefully calculate the way of consolidating or walking the whole container, and explain to the customer the most suitable plan.
    Because when the customer's furniture or personal luggage is more than half a container, sometimes depending on the place of transportation or departure of the place of labor or other costs, the price of the whole container will be relatively cheaper than the consolidation. At this point, guests can consider whether they want to bring more. This plan is also ideal for guests who want to bring a car or piano with their luggage.
    Because the piano is properly packed and fixed, there is basically no need to play a wooden box, which can save the cost of the wooden box for customers.
    The car itself is large, and requires more space, so it needs to be handled by booking a cabinet.

    Air Freight/Express

    The price of air/express shipping is usually higher than that of general sea freight, suitable for customers with less than 1CBM items, usually a few cartons, or people with urgent timeliness, such as stage performers or operators who want to catch up with events.
    For customers with less luggage, sometimes the cost of air express delivery may be similar to that of sea freight, but it saves time!