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    Professional packaging technology and diverse packaging materials

    Generally speaking, domestic moving, international moving and commercial goods will be different in the selection of packaging materials, protective measures and packaging methods. When facing different customers, Song Fu's professionals will plan the most suitable packaging materials and packaging methods according to the handling needs of each project and the customer's budget.

    Domestic moving example

    Domestic moving-environmental protection packaging material packaging

    Domestic moving - upright piano

    Factory office relocation

    Factory office relocation - Sasha

    Factory office relocation - the entire building of the telecommunications company is relocated

    Factory office relocation - Hotel Royal Taipei

    Factory office relocation - precision instrument relocation

     Special weights - Erawan Buddha / safe

     Factory office relocation - Taipei 101

    International Moving Packing

    grand piano

     Personal bulk packaging

    Upright piano playing wooden box

    International Moving 40CY FCL - Furniture + Car

     International Moving 20CY Full Cabinet - Furniture + Piano

    Industrial and commercial items are packaged on boards

     Commodity boarding

    Optical instruments

    Industrial radar

     Solar modules

    Industrial ovens

     Factory office relocation - Taipei 101

    Antique art and other special items - Ukrainian performance props

    Antique art and other special items - paintings

    Antique art and other special items - rowing

    Antique crafts and other special items - antique furniture

    Antiques & Other Special Items - Anime 1:1 live-action costume

    Antiques and other special items