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    Waste Removal

    What to do with unwanted old furniture!?

    What to do with the office furniture that needs to be replaced but the old office needs to be replaced!?

    There are long-standing materials in the office that have been piled up to the warehouse and cannot fit, what should I do with these old materials!?

    Don’t worry, leave it to us to move without any problem

    1. If you have unwanted large old furniture at home and want to discard it, there are two ways to choose

    1. 1. You can call the Environmental Protection Bureau and make an appointment with the Environmental Protection Bureau to collect it. We can send the master to move the large furniture to be discarded to the recycling place designated by the Environmental Protection Bureau. This method only needs to charge labor costs and transportation fees.
      2. You can also ask our masters to directly transport the large furniture to be discarded to the private recycling plant we cooperate with
      3. Whether it is general items that are not needed after moving, large furniture, small appliances, etc., you can choose to purchase additional garbage removal services to assist in disposal

    2. What should I do with the office furniture that has been replaced from the old office to the new one?

    Commercial waste, large furniture, OA screens, OA office desks and chairs and other commercial items will not be accepted by the Environmental Protection Agency. At this time, you can ask us to assist in the removal. We have a professional removal license, and the evaluation is good and reliable. , welcome to call or consult online

    3. The old materials in the office that have been dusty for a long time are too large to fit in the warehouse. I don’t know what to do?

    Songfu Moving can assist the office to remove unnecessary materials or materials that will be lost for a long time

    You can ask the office to contact the incineration plant to make an appointment, and the master can go to the incineration plant to burn these unnecessary materials before the appointed time

    Or the master can also help to remove the water sales of these materials, so that these unnecessary materials continue to occupy the warehouse space of your office