Carton packaging material price

Eco-friendly packaging materials

There are also environmentally friendly packaging materials available for the domestic moving part

Standard size

The dimensions (cm) are expressed in centimeters as length x width x height

Other packaging materials

Song Fu's existing packaging materials have been listed in this table, if you have other needs, please call us

Large cardboard box/garment hanging box

It can be loaded with large and lightweight objects, and you can also buy a clothes rail to change the clothes box.

$200 / single carton $200 / clothes rail

Medium carton

*Computer case (55×50×45) sold separately.

$60 / Medium carton $65 / Computer case

Small cardboard box

Suitable for heavier items such as books or small loose items Heavy resistance

$45 /(5-layer board)

Bubble wrap

Furniture appliances protect cushioning

$400 /3ft ×70 yards

corrugated paper

General furniture packaging protection

Adhesive film

Multi-purpose packaging protection 



adhesive tape



$30 /roll

Native newspapers


Bowl and plate porcelain packaging cushioning
$150 /pack (about 100 sheets)

Fragile stickers

Can be attached to the outside of the carton


Content stickers

Can be attached to the outside of the carton 

$3 /sheet

Eco-friendly packaging materials

Citizens of the planet

Fulfilling your responsibilities as a global citizen, moving can also be environmentally friendly

Size standard

Dimensions are expressed in centimeters (length x width x height)

Responsive to environmental protection

We have introduced many recyclable conservation tools to minimize the amount of moving waste and reduce the burden on the planet.


Bundle furniture wrapped in a telescopic set

Telescopic sleeve

(Large) 135×120 Suitable for sofas
(C) 84×120 Applicable to chests of drawers and wine cabinets
(Small) 84×90 suitable for refrigerators and washing machines

Mattress covers

Suitable for single mattresses and double mattresses

Sofa cover

Single, double and triple sofas are available