Many people often need to move overseas or move in because of work and family needs.

Because of the long distance, it is necessary to arrange the time of sea and air transportation, estimate the number of items to be transported, and also assist the owner Prepare documents for customs clearance.

Due to the complicated process, many large and small emergencies are often encountered when dealing with international moving cases.

The most troublesome one is the strike event!


In the winter of 2014, a months-long slowdown occurred on the West Coast of the United States, which later turned into a near shutdown of port operations. The two major ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, looking at the photos of the Internet news in the United States, the entire port area has containers piled up to a height of 3 to 4 floors, and it is hard to imagine the situation on the spot.

This slowdown also caused San Francisco to be unable to load, and then fell into a state where it was difficult to operate. The huge impact had a great impact on the United States. Of course, it also affects our Songfu international moving customers.

At that time, all shipments to California and even Texas/Oregon and other inland states that had to go through the west of the United States were all stuck off the coast of California.

I’m afraid you can’t imagine what the so-called stuck in the open sea is like; it’s like a full parking lot, and cars that can’t get in are queuing outside and waiting for empty spaces to enter.

The difference isThe parking lot becomes a pier, and the car becomes a large merchant ship loaded with nearly 10,000 containers. Vessels in the team must wait for notification in the open sea, while the open sea is full stop waiting to enter ship.
At that time, all the shippers who were expected to be delivered to their destinations at the end of February or early March were fortunately informed in advance,However, the delay of 1~2 months did bring great inconvenience to the life of the consignors. The most painful thing is to appease the parents of the children. At that time, there were several children waiting for their toys/beddings. Parents must be very impatient for daily necessities and necessities, and it is really difficult for them.We can only call or E-mail to inform the progress as soon as we have new news.


Therefore, we have to constantly reconfirm the new arrival date of each ship. When the arrival date is approaching, we need to confirm whether the progress will be as scheduled. If the progress is updated, we will ask for clarification immediately The reason is to inform the owner of the goods to let them know the situation.

Similarly, the shipments to be exported from the United States are constantly changing their itineraries, because there is no flow of shipments before the ship enters the port, and it is impossible to enter the port for loading, so it is unable to It is impossible to enter the predicament that is close to a shutdown.

The shipments exported from mid-January to February will not be delivered until mid-April. The shipments that were originally expected to be exported from the United States in early March have also been delayed to April. It was shipped to Beishi in early May.
I am very grateful to the persevering shippers at that time. They should know the situation better than us in the United States.

Fortunately, the delayed shipments caused by the major slowdown encountered this time are still on board, so there is no additional cost. Otherwise, the cargo owner may have to pay high warehouse rent.

There has also been a strike in Vancouver, Canada before, and a large-scale slowdown in the West of the United States. Like friends who move internationally, we all hope that this situation will not happen. !