Our company often assists customers who move back to Taiwan from abroad to dismantle cabinets

As the editor in charge of writing articles, I am not always on the front line

So always look at the photos brought back by the master and listen to them talk about today’s tasks

Then let the third person describe the interesting stories of each task encountered!

When the customer confirms that we will assist in dismantling and moving

The company specialist will then receive a list of the contents of the container

And the master needs to know what is the item being moved today.

To prepare the tools and the number of trucks needed today!

But when I was not on the front line, I saw expensive photos of demolition in an unexpected state

Every time I see the photos before opening the container, there will be a sense of surprise like unwrapping a present!

Sometimes when you open it, there will be beautiful furniture, or a car, or a piano, or some special home decoration…etc~

But this time when the container is opened, there are many neatly arranged objects!! and the capacity of the container is just right~

This is a commission from Mrs. Y, a guest who moved back to Taipei from Texas, USA

When I first received the list of items the American agent originally estimated that a 40-foot container would be needed to hold all the items

However, due to the limited budget, please ask the agent to go to the customer’s house to estimate the price after communication.

I finally confirmed that the 20-foot container can hold it (but it is very full…XD)

After the container arrives at Keelung Port, it is towed to the container dismantling yard in downtown Taipei

Then transport it to the guest’s home in Taipei via a small truck

The furniture in the entire container on that day is about 5 cars in total

TV cabinet, double-door refrigerator, dining table, sofa, bed… most of the furniture has been brought back

There are even suitcases and plastic storage cabinets. It is not uncommon to bring them back

But the most powerful thing is that even these small items are wrapped in thick cardboard or corrugated paper for protection!

It is also because of such careful and strict packaging

Although the price will be higher, but the relative exchange is the peace of mind of the guests

It also made Mrs. Y full of praise for our service this time~~

(The legendary well-protected storage cabinet~)

Mrs. Y’s home in Taipei is close to Minsheng Community

Friends nearby who have been there should know that the alley over there is relatively small

Most of the houses are low apartments

Although there is an elevator, large furniture still cannot go in smoothly

Fu said that there are also two large glass boxes on the desks that are 2 meters long.

Still have to go directly to the third floor via a crane

Fortunately, there is a red line in front of Mrs. Y’s apartment and no parking is allowed.

So there is room for the crane to work!



and large glass


and large glass
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Look at the professional and precise manipulation technique of the crane master

I was so afraid that I would bump into the signboard downstairs XD

Other small items such as cartons are moved in from the elevator

After the items came in, the master started to help assemble the cabinets and furniture~

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worked hard all day

The happiest thing is to receive thank you letters from customers afterwards

Mrs. Y is very satisfied with Song Fu’s assistance this time!

In addition to admiring the professional ability of the American agent we cooperate with

I am full of praise for the skill of the master who moved the house that day!!

We are also very happy with Mrs. Y’s affirmation~

Hope to help more friends in need in the future~