This is a case of mine, please write a title like this It is inconvenient to tell you which country you moved to.

But , I think wise people should know that there are many countries in Asia whose national conditions are different from unwritten rules relationship, there will be some degree of difficulty, especially the well-known difficult-to-determined countries in Southeast Asia and the mantra: no problem country.

I received this at the beginningcase,  Just look at the place of departure XX Bay( Yuemei Mala Bay ) and destination X Shan(It’s not Qishan, Kaohsiung either ). These two places are famously ancient country“-weird countryThe so-called weirdness means that these two places are local eyebrows and eyebrows a lot. To put it bluntly is difficult to deal with, but, you know, you have to fight with him if you are difficult to deal with.

The owner is a senior executive of a domestic listed electronics company . Because of the relationship between job assignments, our company handles the cross-border relocation; and most of the company’s cross-border relocation is handled by us-Songfu Taipei Fine Moving. This batch of luggage includes a piano, living room and room furniture and packing items, a total of 1 20< /span>ft container.

Before shipment, you must communicate with the owner to explain , There may be many situations in the delivery of personal belongings and luggage between the exporting country and the importing country, which requires the patient cooperation of the cargo owner; fortunately, the cargo owner has been to many countries, is well-informed, and has lived in the place of shipment for more than 2 years. It doesn’t take too much explanation to understand that there are more strange rulesand strange situations in these two places. At first, the container was blocked from entering the XX Bay Area, and an admission fee was charged! When the container came out, the SAR Customs immediately asked us to issue a list of certificatesThe certificate and the list were not enough, and the company was required to explain and prove that it was dispatched by the company The personnel went to other countries, but after a long time, they were not allowed to pass. It was not until the 2 day that it was said that tolls should be paid before they could pass. In this way, he was forcibly tied up by the SAR officials for a whole night, and the poor container driver could only sleep in the car. I don’t know if this special zone is really special, we really haven’t encountered such a thing. The containers haven’t even arrived at the port yet !!! But as long as the difficulty” It’s all right, it’s easy to go through the customs declaration and export at the port of shipment, after all, it is an international port, although it is inevitable that you will be tricked and have to pay some” processing “Fee” at least the procedure is a little more normal, and sometimes even European and American countries occasionally encounter people with chicken feathers as arrows to disrupt the situation. The planned itinerary of the guests cannot be affected. Once the shipment is confirmed, they will be greatly relieved. There is an intermission to enter the next state of preparation. In this way, the container floated along the road to the no problem country.

ship toX seaport, we ask the local customs clearance agent to contact the shipping company to confirm the arrival time and pay the due fee, and provide all the information to the cargo owner to apply for the local personal certificate to enter the customs declaration process.

After port call~Immediately review the documents and send them to the consignor to process X Shan’s private customs documents; the consignor is very busy due to his high position and authority, so I will hand it over to the secretary Then he started his scheduled itinerary, but the secretary transferred it to the company’s internal administration; this is good, obviously the private certificate can be processed in 2~3 working days , abruptly delayed 23days., setting a record for the longest single-document handling process.

It turns out that the company’s administrative department entrusted this task to Others do it on behalf of others, and this matter is forwarded layer by layer. During this period, every 2~3 span>One day, my local customs clearance agency and I will ask the secretary / the owner of the goods and their administrative staff whether the documents have been completed Although the warehouse rent accrued every day when the container is parked overtime is paid by the cargo owner, this push-and-pull handling method is really incredible. It seems that we and the consignor are the only ones who are in a hurry. Although we can only wait, we are used to assisting each consignor as soon as possible to complete all import procedures and deliver the goods in the shortest time and with the least cost. But if other people’s cooperation is not ideal, it will be more difficult to proceed smoothly. Fortunately, the customs clearance agent couldn’t bear the fatigue bombardment of our greetings with three meals, and it was done within 3 days, and the customs declaration and inspection procedures were completed. Quickly contact the owner to arrange an appointment time for delivery,.  to avoid continuing to affect the quality of life and inconvenience of the owner and his family; finally, all items were delivered safely within the time required by the owner Delivered to destination.

This particular case is from shipment to destination It took a total of one and a half months, and the company took 23 days to process customs documents, setting a record for the longest delivery time; it was also the first time that it was delayed because the owner’s certificate could not be issued. My God; I really wonder how it takes so long for a file to be processed by others so quickly! But, finally all the items were delivered, and then I asked the owner if there was any problem after receiving all the items, is there any omissions or areas that need to be improved by the service personnel we assigned? The owner of the goods just replied lightly: I have never encountered such a Critical thing. Alas ~I really want to tell him Me too.

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