At the end of July this year, a large electronics factory that has been cooperating with Songfu Fine Relocation in Taipei notified Songfu that it would assist a family member of an employee to relocate back to Taiwan from Houston,  the United States. In Taiwan, I need to take time to go to the United States to pack and ship the things back .

 The family members who originally expected to return to deal with the items during the long holiday  in October temporarily notified Matsufu in mid-August that the  moving time should be advanced to mid- September  and considered sending them back to the RV that stayed in the United States .   The family members also notified to return to the United States The waiting time is limited, and the  delivery of packaging materials and handling needs to be completed within 5-6 working days .

However, we found that the family members themselves were not sure how many items to bring back to Taiwan. In  addition, the residence in the United States was temporarily unoccupied,  so we could not deliver the packaging materials in advance and  provide an estimate at the house .   However, Songfu still exerted high mobility and With professional ability,  first add the car according to the family members’ impressions and then evaluate the required handling capacity .  And the next day after the family members arrive in the United States, send someone to the house to deliver the cartons and inspect the packaging items that need to be strengthened .


  On the day of moving,  although there was a small episode, the  family members had too many items to pack in time  ( the time is really too short !)  we sent staff  to help pack the carton items in addition to packing large furniture .  Finally, the items were successfully loaned out . Send it to the warehouse, and  then the car part,  professional car fixing is a must !   The ship will shake during the journey, if it hits the container, one can imagine what will happen to the paint on your car panel ?  .   ..then I believe everyone has experienced this kind of pain ? …   In addition,  the fixed materials must also be disinfected to meet the requirements of Taiwan Customs .   Before putting on the cabinet, the power supply of the car is also slightly treated to avoid the battery when it is not started for a long time when it is shipped to Taiwan. Can’t start without electricity ???  An experienced moving company always wants to be ahead of the customer.

In short, after all the customs declaration procedures were completed, the  container was sent out smoothly and arrived in Taiwan  21 days later .. The customs clearance part was also processed in about a week…

  The next thing is to book a moving time with the customer.  On the day of dismantling the cabinet, after the cabinet was opened,  Matsufu staff immediately checked carefully, and the  car was still fixed in the cabinet obediently and intact. After removing the fixing device at the bottom, open the cover and connect the power supply. When the rear lights flashed, the owner smiled and said that the condition of the car is normal. Our moving masters reversed the car for the customer and returned the car after leaving the container Master, sailed to their destination, so far so good.

    For the rest in the cabinet, I saw a partition board in front of the original car, and the other boxes of the customer were stacked inside. We loaded a car and drove to the customer’s house. When we got there, the hostess took the packlist , One by one, instruct the moving masters to pick up the goods by number, and inform the location, such as the kitchen or the bedroom, or the living room. Although there is an elevator, the masters carry it professionally and orderly. It is more efficient to move it by hand than the elevator up and down the stairs. It can only be said to be strong… Some things need to be unpacked and assembled after positioning, especially For that special bed, the craftsmen picked up the tools and quickly assembled the bed. For a layman, it may not be so fast even looking at the manual.

    Satisfied to complete the task assigned by the customer, suddenly a sum of money flew out of the sky, the customer wanted some items to be shipped to other places, after communicating with the customer, the masters set off again, completed the task, the customer smiled happily – nodded and said he was satisfied.