At the end of last year, I received a case from Mr. Xu

The painting to be shipped is an upcoming competition

It must be great for psychological os to go to New York to participate in the painting!

Maybe winning an award abroad can make Taiwan flourish

Of course the delivery can’t be sloppy~

It happened that there was heavy snowfall in New York, and the entire air transportation was delayed.

So Matsufu urged the airline to deliver the goods within the time limit.

Haolijiazai has finally arrived successfully! Huh~ let out a sigh of relief

Let us wish Mr. Xu good luck and come back with a big prize XP

If you need any help from us, please contact us at (02) 27265255 Taipei Songfu Exquisite Moving Company

Your affirmation and support is our motivation!


IMG_2946.JPG IMG_2958.JPG  The packaging of the painting is roughly as shown on the left