Anyone, any company or any group who wants to move or transport can find Songfu all the tasks that cannot be done

A Ms. Huang who works at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taipei was transferred to Guam by the head office of the American Group to take up a new position

International moving paid by company

The premise is that employees must report to 3 moving companies to compare prices

You can’t suffer when you buy things, but you have to shop around when you move

The result can be imagined, of course Taipei Songfu Exquisite Moving Company won the bid!

Since Songfu also has a registered company in the United States

Therefore, the US head office can directly pay the fee locally and save the trouble of currency exchange!

We will consider the customer’s point of view and move the maximum capacity range with the minimum amount

No matter you want to move to the ends of the earth, Songfu will definitely fulfill your mission for you!

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