Usually, for customers who call to inquire, the first question that will be asked is probably –  How to ship?

In fact, this question is not difficult to say, and it is not too easy to say simple. But there are always rules to follow in everything, and the same is true for moving abroad.

There is a very simple principle for international moving~  Small batches and light-weight items are mostly shipped by air or international express services. Large-volume, heavy-weight items are shipped by sea, which is more economical. Interested in asking about international moving Customers may wish to start planning from this point, understanding their own delivery volume and suitable transportation channels are the main issues that need to be confirmed first.

In addition to luggage handling, cargo transportation is basically based on this principle to determine the mode of transportation. Let’s use a recently completed case to explain to you:

In the inquiry last month, there happened to be a customer who wanted to ship a crystal cave table decoration to Singapore, and the client was the proprietress of the restaurant. She said that the buyer from Singapore bought some items in the store, but this one was the only one. Crystal Cave wants to receive it first. In the inquiry, first determine the quantity and approximate weight of the consigned items, and according to the evaluation suggestion, it will be transported by air express. However, since the regulations of air express for consigned items vary from country to country, I will first help the client to inquire about the item Whether there is any prohibition of import. Confirm all the details and confirm that it can be shipped. We also make suggestions on the packaging of the items consigned by the guests. We arrange the packaging of wooden boxes to protect the crystal caves of their consignments. As much as possible Avoid any risk of damage caused by human negligence during the consignment process.


The thick cotton quilt is not a hibernating animal, but an item we shipped this time  – Crystal Cave


The geode lies in a tailor-made wooden box, and the interior is protected by Styrofoam to avoid direct impact between the geode and the wooden board


The gap is also filled with bubble cloth as a buffer material to prevent the geode from shaking during transportation


Finally nail the outer cover and make sure it is sealed, and you’re done.

Two days later, the wooden box containing the geode was delivered to the recipient, and the customer was very satisfied with our care for the item.

No matter what item you want to ship, just let us know and we will suggest the appropriate shipping route and packing suggestions!

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