In August, the peak season for moving, the demand for international moving is also particularly strong~

Among them, I just received a case to move from Taipei to Australia. After listening to the items and sizes provided by the guests at the beginning, there are many large furniture and other items, including a grand piano. Afterwards, calculate the quantity of goods for the customer, and plan a suitable transportation plan according to the quantity of goods. Due to the large number of goods, a 20-foot container should be moved independently to avoid mixing with other goods. The part of the grand piano needs to be protected by a wooden box. , other vulnerable items such as furniture and porcelain are packaged by Songfu, and when we go to Australia, our people will also help customers unpack and move the items into the house for positioning. The part that customers need to do by themselves is only Pack her personal clothes, daily necessities, etc… (Of course, customs declaration and clearance are also included ~ we are a one-stop service), visit the customer’s office in person at noon one day, explain the whole process and cost of moving to her, and rest assured Leave the entire international relocation to our Taipei Songfu exquisite moving company.

Bed, furniture, sofa (before packaging)

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[IMG_3067[9].jpg] &nbsp ;      [IMG_3074[3].jpg]


The packing situation of Songfu staff

[IMG_3366[3].jpg] &nbsp ;         [IMG_3416[4].jpg]

After furniture packaging

[IMG_3404[5].jpg] &nbsp ;              [IMG_3076[4].jpg]

We will keep in touch with customers during the process and give appropriate suggestions to ensure the smooth progress of the whole process,

If necessary, we will also provide some packaging photos to the guests, so that the guests can feel at ease.


(grand piano handling and nailed wooden box protection)

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