Exquisite packaging for overseas moving
Shipping address: Changhua
Destination address: Osaka, Japan
Moving type: Exquisite moving, Overseas moving
Main items: moving packing service
The god table occupies a very important position in the traditional beliefs of Taiwanese. I received a customer’s inquiry at the beginning of the month to transport the god table to Osaka, Japan. Because the value of the god table is not limited to the value of its own money, the belief in the owner itself is even more important. Incomparably important. The company adheres to the spirit of service and the purpose of exquisite packaging to serve at home. It helps the owner to customize the packaging method, and also carefully plans the arrival time of the god table according to the owner’s request to meet the auspicious day. Due to the size of the god table, In order to protect the safety of the god table, the staff planned three wooden boxes and packed them carefully


Customers have repeatedly confessed that the carving and handwork of the god table are very It is delicate and must not be bruised. Therefore, when packing, the staff explained to the customer the packaging materials and the reasons for the packaging method. The guests were very satisfied after seeing it.


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