Since the opening of the mini-three links between the two sides of the strait, it has indeed opened the door for cross-strait shipping and customs clearance. It not only allows import and export freight to have another simpler and faster way besides formal customs clearance, but also accelerates the communication between the two sides of the strait. And our international moving companies can also use this channel to provide faster and more affordable services for Taiwanese businessmen traveling between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait or expatriates from various industries.
At the end of June, we received an inquiry call from mainland China. The shipper wants to transport his luggage from Taoyuan to his hometown in Kinmen. Although our company is headquartered in Taipei,As long as it is entrusted by the customer, no matter where the destination is, we have a way to complete the entrustment of the customer. However, there is no local moving company in Kinmen, and most of the colleagues in the same industry are not willing to undertake because of the relationship with the outlying islands. Taipei Songfu Exquisite Moving has been deeply cultivated in Taiwan for nearly 30 years and has rich local experience. Its overall planning and integration capabilities from packaging to delivery are highly recognized by customers in various industries. What others can do, we can do; what others cannot do, we have the courage to overcome. Therefore, for this commission, we integrated the small three-way shipping business and the local truck drivers in Kinmen to complete this commission together.

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Because most of the items consigned by customers are furniture, in order to avoid damage to the furniture body and surface caused by accidental collisions during transportation. When helping customers with delivery planning, we specially made a proposal for wooden box packaging for the packaging part. Originally, we planned to nail only one wooden box, but during the construction of the packaging department, we found that if the flat-screen TV entrusted by the customer was also packed in the same wooden box, there might be a risk of damage. We and the packaging company decided to protect the customer’s TV with a smaller wooden box at the moment. In addition to affordable prices and complete delivery planning, we provide the highest standard of protection for customers’ checked luggage, and do our best to reduce the risk of damage that may occur due to delivery. It is always our unremitting goal to make customers satisfied and provide affordable and high-quality moving services.

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Because the wooden box is loaded with furniture and bulky, we were troubled for a while when unloading the goods at the Jinmen customer. Because the local truck driver responded that the object was too large and needed a crane to facilitate the operation. But where to find a crane temporarily? Moreover, in terms of the customer’s location conditions, crane operation is not the best option. At this time, our profound operating experience came in handy. We asked the local driver to assist us, unpack the boxes directly on the truck and unload the items one by one. It not only solves the operation problem, but also saves unnecessary expenses for our customers. This is a response that can only be cultivated through years of operational experience. Only experienced moving companies can solve various emergencies, and once again completed the client’s entrustment with our solid operating experience and integration capabilities.

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Whether you have any questions about moving, please feel free to contact us or ask us directly through our online customer service system. Taipei Songfu Exquisite Moving will wholeheartedly provide you with any information and services you need.
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