Friday September 24, 2010

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When I first received this case, the Institute of Nuclear Energy just started planning and preparing to make this case 16 battery modules, we have more than a month to fully discuss the details of the shipping package and plan the process, from packaging, picking up the goods, customs clearance and arranging air shipment to the United States and arranging delivery to the US research and testing unit in San Jose. , all processes and the required time must be planned and fully explained to the contractors, and both of us are more careful about the budget control, so as to complete all the entrusted work within a certain time and cost.< /span>

As soon as the production is completed, it is a solar cell module that will be exported to the United States for testing , so there are strict requirements on the packaging, and therefore all the packaging operations are in accordance with the requirements of the unit, we bring all the necessary packaging materials and tools to the site, and the whole process is completed in the Nuclear Energy Research Institute, except for the basic bubble paper shockproof bag In addition to the material, we also prepared pearl board to cover the panel to avoid scratches and ensure perfect packaging quality,

IMG_2935 IMG_2938


Our staff carefully carry out independent packaging operations


IMG_2939 IMG_2952



After carefully and individually packing each battery module, the second layer and the upper and lower layers of protective packaging are waiting beside The program starts to play, and the whole batch is packaged


IMG_2958 IMG_2997



Put the protective foam in the middle of the wooden box and the packaged module to have a fixed and anti-collision effect, and on the top The addition of fixed wooden bars also reserves space to prevent damage to the module when unpacking