This case is one of the more special cases~

The owner wants to ship the furniture to Australia in a container

So put the items in the mini storage temporarily

This is a photo of Matsufuku’s furniture before helping with packaging

Because the shipping company is worried about whether the packaging will be damaged during shipping

On the official website of Song Fu, we saw that we provide exquisite packaging services

So I entrusted Song Fu to make proper packaging and reinforcement of this batch of goods according to each characteristic

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The business scope of Song Fu Taipei Exquisite Moving is in addition to Taiwan island moving, freight and one-stop international moving services</p >

In fact, it is also well-known in professional item packaging

After all, the types of items that customers want to deliver are often varied

Like models, Buddha statues, antique furniture, paintings, ceramic utensils…etc

So almost every master has his own skills


Sofa after Song Fu packaging

Does it look well protected? 



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