The timing is approaching 2011, and as usual, we have received a lot of inquiries about moving needs from different walks of life. There are those who want to move back to Taiwan from abroad; there are also those who want to move abroad from Taiwan. Especially in the middle and end of January, maybe everyone always hopes to finalize the moving matters before the Chinese New Year, so the work is the most during that period. Among them, another commission to move a 20-foot container of furniture and items to Sacramento, USA is impressive.

The client is an old lady, because she lived in the United States for about 20 years, and this time she returned to Taiwan to transfer the real estate in Taiwan and move the items abroad. I remember that I came into contact with this old lady in December last year. Most of the old lady’s items are furniture, and some items need to be packed. The most feared thing about furniture is the damage of the surface during the handling process. A whole container is full of items belonging to the old lady. To be honest, as long as the items are properly placed, unnecessary damage can be avoided. But in order to protect the old lady’s belongings, we still use the highest standard packaging planning to serve in the packaging planning.

Because of the old lady’s request, we had to complete all the work of packing and packing in one day, and the working hours were quite limited. So generally we pack the items in the morning and load the cabinets in the afternoon.

In the morning, we will send a group of packing staff to the old lady’s house to pack the objects:


In the afternoon, we are sending another group of movers to connect the packed items to the storage point by truck:


With the joint efforts of all colleagues, we finished the work at six o’clock in the evening when it was drizzling.

The container was successfully exported to the United States, and the old lady was very satisfied with receiving her furniture items. However, on the last working day before the Lunar New Year, we received an urgent call from the old lady: because of physical and personal reasons, the old lady wanted to return to Taipei, and at the same time, her luggage should not be brought into the United States. Because it is the last working day before the consecutive holidays here in Taiwan, we urgently make arrangements and contact in various aspects in order to respond to the urgent request of the old lady. In a situation where people turned their backs on their backs, we finally made arrangements to return the old lady’s luggage back to Taiwan before we got off work the day before New Year’s Eve (it’s already past six o’clock==”). However, after returning to work on vacation, the old lady The wife said again that she would not ship it back to Taiwan! There was another emergency contact, arranging tow trucks, moving workers and so on. I think there should be only “囧” on everyone’s face at this time. Although we are not that company Transnational F express delivery company, but we are also “mission must be fulfilled”. Finally, um! Really finally, we finally moved the luggage and furniture of the old lady to the place she designated. I made a private phone call to ask I asked the old lady if she was satisfied with the situation that day. The old lady was very satisfied and very happy. As long as the customer can happily receive the consigned items, we will be happy even if the process is tortuous.

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