Everyone was terrified by the 6.8-scale earthquake in Taitung yesterday. The editor prayed that the earthquake would not continue, and hoped that the Huadong area would be peaceful.

No incident, no disaster, no earthquake, let’s pray for Taiwan together.

Want to find a good day to move in October? You don’t need to check the farmers’ calendar yourself, Songfu Xiaobian has already sorted out the moving days for you from the farmers’ calendar.

Happy home day!

The red star means the auspicious day for farmers to move into the house, and the two stars means the auspicious day for setting up a bed and installing a door.

Red Star is a good day when you can make an appointment to move, so you can save more time and check the farmer’s calendar! Good day to move in October

A total of 12 days, immediately make an appointment for the valuation hotline: 02-2789-3388, 02-2789-0888


In addition to domestic moving, international moving, freight, warehousing, waste removal, professional packaging,

Artwork packaging, department store entry and exit, company relocation and other services, Songfu Moving also provides exquisite moving to assist you from

One-stop service from packing and unpacking to furniture disassembly and assembly, hands-free packing, easy to move into your new home!


Songfu Freight Department provides the province’s freight logistics (vehicle and special car delivery services), delivery at the import and export counters,

Palletizing on behalf of customers, entry and exit of exhibition activities, delivery of e-commerce platforms, warehousing logistics and other related freight services

Call the special line: 02-2782-5255


The moving company registered by the government is trustworthy. It has been in business for 40 years to provide diversified moving solutions and various types of cargo delivery services.

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