What new task will the homeowner who is going to immigrate to the United States give us this time?

In order to miss the feeling of Taiwan at home in the United States, the owner is also reluctant to use the furniture he is used to, so he specially entrusted Song Fu to move to the house to evaluate the planning. Let us see how Song Fu moved to pack all the furniture in the house so that it is long and tall. 40-foot container to the United States!

Come~ follow the Songfu team to move the warm and elegant home to the United States

Exquisite moving process, from all the furniture and artworks in the living room, bookcase, kitchen, bedroom, and clothing room, you can see the results of the master’s careful and careful packaging. The owner cares about the special leather high-end sofa chairs, and the master also carefully wrapped them. The film is covered layer by layer, and finally the special sofa chair is stored in Songfu, and four masters work together to strengthen the protection, so that the owner can still sit comfortably on the beloved sofa chair in the United States.

Special leather sofa

👇300KG kitchen cabinet, it is not difficult for the skill of the two masters. Only with good protection measures can the smooth handling be carried out (the owner said that he did not even dare to look at the master handling such a heavy kitchen cabinet from the sidelines)

👇The master is helping the special single chair to be packed. After measuring, the irregular shaped objects can have a “tailor-made” bubble cloth protective cover with a weight of up to

👇The appearance of the irregular special single chair after packing

👇The special sofa chair is packaged


   The newspapers are packaged before they are boxed


I think the plate is beautiful

👇Don’t worry about the mountains and valleys full of clothes that need to be packed by yourself, Exquisite Moving will organize all the clothes and pack them completely

👇The books collected by many homeowners on the bookcase are also neatly packed

👇The house is full of boxes after boxes, all of which are the results of the master’s careful packing

👇Looking at the photos, you can feel the master’s intentions, Professional packing of valuable furniture and special items


👇Master’s ingenuity wrapped the four legs of the mirror cabinet with homemade cartons

The home owner is very satisfied with the moving process this time. After seeing the smart moving, he can export all his Taipei homes to the United States smoothly and with peace of mind. Such exquisite moving skills, even the editor gave a thumbs up and thought it was amazing

You can rest assured that you can leave it to Song Fu to move. The fragile dishes, valuable furniture, special cabinets, artworks and all the miscellaneous items that need to be moved will not be difficult at all. Song Fu will definitely let you move without worrying and consuming energy. To help you pack delicately, you only need to wait in your new home. Besides the United States, Tianya Haijiao Song Fu also has an absolute mission. The Song Fu team is definitely your most reliable moving partner.