Consumers often ask if there is any special attention to self-packing. Here are some frequently asked questions tidy up. I hope it will be of some help to consumers who need to pack their own boxes!


Before the packaging work starts, it is first necessary to prepare suitable tools and materials. To put it simply, it is necessary to use suitable cartons for the items to be transported.

The larger the carton size, the more convenient it is to put things in it, but there are more risks in transportation.

  • Books: It is recommended to use small and medium-sized cartons for packing books, and it is best not to pack them too heavy. The bottom seal of the box needs to be reinforced, and the proposal can be filled to 80% of the box.
  • Clothes: use a general medium box. It is best to wash the checked clothes and check them in. If you are worried about getting damp during the shipping, you can put a plastic bag between the clothes and the box wall, and put an appropriate amount of moisture-proof agent in the bag. When sealing the box, seal all the holes on the box.
  • Cotton quilts: It is generally recommended to use vacuum storage for storage. Or put it into a plastic bag and then put it into a carton after reducing the volume.
  • Fragile items: It is recommended to pack each item separately. For bowls and dishes, pack several items together after packaging in a single piece. Try to place it in the middle of the box and do a good job of buffer protection around the box wall. The upper and lower sides of the box also need to be protected. If the situation permits, the packing method of the box inside the box is the most secure. Please be sure to mark a conspicuous mark on the outer box after packing.
  • Other scattered items: It is not recommended to throw them directly into the carton. Plastic bags can be used/zip chain bag after sorting and then put it into the carton.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask our service staff!

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