This is the work log from around February this year~

This time, I came to a department store in Youfeng~ to assist a brand company to withdraw from the cabinet

As the department store is still operating normally on the working day

You have to wait until after ten o’clock in the evening to start moving the cabinets

The masters have to wait until the door is closed to work

So the day’s homework is to wait until it gets dark before starting to pack~

work late

But as a service industry, of course we have to match the time of our customers!

This counter is for hairdressing related products and services

So in addition to the hair products themselves

There are also a lot of equipment such as hair washing tables~ mirrors~ tables and chairs, etc. need special packaging protection

Usually when we go to the beauty salon to wash our hair, we don’t pay much attention to the washing table

I didn’t realize it took up a lot of space until I had to pack and move it. XD

Our staff arrives an hour early

First do basic packaging protection (adhesive film)

The shampoo table is wrapped with layers of film to avoid friction and damage

In addition, other items such as cabinets and shelves should also be well packaged and protected.

Since this batch of items is to be sent to the warehouse for temporary storage

Therefore, in addition to reducing the damage of handling and stacking, perfect packaging can also reduce moisture

Even the special table legs have to be packaged differently

The disassembled parts should also be packaged together to avoid loss

The size of the evacuation site is about 70 pings, and the items are not small

A large van is required

And the relationship between the height limit of the basement of the department store

Items need to be moved to the trolley first, and then connected to the large van by the trolley

based on past experience

In order to speed up the handling, at least 30 trolleys are needed for handling, so that the efficiency will be fast

No need to get off the trolley during transportation

All items are loaded on the trolley using the lift tailgate

From the small car to the large car

Because there are many and complicated things, the masters have been busy in and out

But we still try our best to make perfect packaging protection~

After a long period of packaging and handling, the work of assisting in the withdrawal of the cabinets was finally completed.

In addition, I would also like to thank Mr. Zhang for his help, so that the handling can be completed quickly and smoothly.

Customers are also very satisfied with our service this time!

Hope to have more opportunities to help friends in need next time~