Today we have to face a challenge, to deliver the objects specified by the customer to the container yard, and then hand them over to the shipping company to ship to the United States. Unlike the past, it is not the destination, but the type of object—high-end solid wood furniture, god table , altar, etc., solid wood is called solid wood, it is quite heavy, at least two or three people are needed.. It is strong.. But the stairs on the floor where the owner lives are not wide enough, so it is easy to carry it manually It caused a collision on the way. When coordinating with the customer before the story, it was decided that it would be more appropriate to use a crane to hang from the balcony on the fifth floor to the truck, and then go to the container yard.  

   Relying on the mountains to eat the mountains, relying on the sea to eat the sea, and moving, I think it is not an exaggeration to say that it is not an exaggeration to rely on the weather. Whether it rains or not will have a certain impact on the porters or goods. Rain, moisture proof, placement, cabinet loading, etc.. The purpose of many actions is to provide the most perfect care for the customer’s goods. Of course, it means that time is spent, and more time, manpower and energy are needed to complete the same task.

    In the morning, it was actually okay, the crane came, our masters had already positioned it, waiting for the hanging, looked at… oh…, a hook, and a thick rope. As a layman, I really don’t know how to tie it. , within a few seconds, the first heavy object – a solid wooden table “falls from the sky” from the fifth floor, and the masters waited and responded confidently below, I… sorry. “What if… otherwise… what should I do…” , the master could see my uneasiness, and said, “Allah…:, really, really feel at ease and lowered to the truck, and then continued to lift another One piece, the lines are like mountains, this moving team is really strong… any odd shape can be lifted, but they all land safely~~

     The first truck went to the container yard, and I followed, and the original site continued to operate…

When we arrived at the container yard, it was located in Taipei County. Before long, wooden boxes came, and we brought a pile of wooden materials, and started to ship them. The only thing that didn’t cooperate was the weather.. It was always raining, and it was very big every now and then. The goods were wiped dry with a dry cloth, then glued, and finally nailed into a square box, where I heard the sound of the wooden boxer’s air-jet nailing. It didn’t take long to complete a box and took some photos. I also saw a real skill. 

     When reloading the container, I encountered a small problem, that is, the door of the 20-foot container was not fully opened, and then it was side by side with the 40-foot container. Maybe there are a lot of containers today, and there are many trucks and trucks entering, so the whole The cabinet yard seems to be very lively, please ask a trailer (Toraku) to lift the container out a little bit, so that the door can be opened smoothly, and start to put the packed wooden box goods on the cabinet, the masters are on standby inside the cabinet, After the goods go up, put them in place, put the remaining space into other small boxes, and record the number of boxes and the loaded containers according to the requirements of the owner.

It’s a pity that it’s raining all day long. For the convenience of work, of course, I have to do things twice. Sweat and rain are blended together, and all the things that the owner has confessed are put on the cabinet, which is a full two containers, and an additional one is added later. The goods really test the adaptability of the masters; at night, the lights on the scaffolding accompany us. In addition to a pile of goods, the stacker, the wood village and the moving team, we are more aware of the moving masters. Salute to them for their hard work~

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This recent photo has to admire the craftsmanship of the woodcarver, praise… It is really “like a tiger and a tiger” when sitting on it… This dragon really looks like Bruce Lee, no, it is a living dragon~


The hanging object is on top of me.. I’m really afraid, in case… I don’t have insurance yet: just as the master said, “Allah,”!!


The wooden box company came and started working


Going to the cabinet, picking up the goods, watching the batches of goods go up, I really feel inexplicably touched in my heart… Thank you, all the masters, for your hard work!!