JMr.  He will move house every few years, he is very familiar with moving, and he even takes notes!  So he set up first at the beginning1 A 20 sq. ft. container is going to be moved to California, USA. Tell us roughly what is in it, and ask us to make a quotation for him. The time is set one month later, according to the process, it ise mailThe postal area codes of the two addresses are required for the round tripWhat items are you going to ship? Then we will inquire abroad Later I confirmed that he received the service After the contract and quotation,  I asked him to read the content and we will call to discuss the service content the next day, the result is I couldn’t contact him the next day???I was always confused, Why are people gone?I posted2~3< span style="font-family: new fine style;"> closed MAIL no reply.

     Until2 months later, Finally received hise mailreply, I think our service scope and quotation are not bad, I hope we can go to his house to see the objects he is going to move for an actual evaluation,.It was only after the phone call that she found out that she had gone abroad. She had just returned to China, and now she was free to start arranging the moving. New fine style;”>When you enter the living room, you will see a grand piano occupying half of the living room ;”>The burnt one inside is still bigger! However, the relationship between the angle of the photo looks thinner and the other side of the cabinet There are several trophies on it, I thought Mr. was a musician, but it turned out that Mr.’s children participated in various competitions, so excellent ~~

Then entered the children’s room, Seeing the little boy’s bed, it’s so cute, and there’s a tent too In addition, the bed in the girl’s room is a mother-in-law bed. It was only when I went upstairs that I realized that my husband had a lot of boxed books and paper materials, too many to fit at home. In addition, it is also borrowed from the homes of relatives and friends in the urban area, plus the boxed luggage that he will continue to pack.300Multiple boxes.

    I guess He should be a writer, but I’m embarrassed to ask..Return to work, so many cardboard boxes < span style="font-family: New Detail;">Together with other furniture, Piano counts20< span style="font-family: new fine body;">ft container should be full, copy and measure all items After the size, Let’s communicate with Mr. first, 20The container may not be able to accommodate, Should need another half container, And the working time may be divided into two days Let’s go back to foreign countries and< /span>OPDepartment coordination, I will talk to you again Requote.

     After returning to the company, recalculate the total volume of all objects according to the size of the actual copied list, and discuss with OPdismantle the three-legged piano and bookcase /The bed set, etc., as well as packing work, and other places to store the cartons, how to arrange them all in one fixed-point loading container can be smoother It also saves time, becauseJMr. has to deal with many and complicated things when he moves back to the United States this time. Although he works at home, it means that he There is almost no time to rest, Besides, he has lived abroad for many years and is used to doing everything by himself. I think he must be very tired , so we can help deal with it, we try our best to help him imagine it, not to increase his burden, We also need to study ways to reduce our Working hours, In addition to avoiding disturbing the work and rest of the husband’s family, we should also consider the neighbors in the same building to avoid inconvenience.

Because the quantity and objects are the same as the original estimate 50% moreabout, I It is necessary to make another inquiry to the local area in the United States and after the control and arrangement of working hours are coordinated, then contact JMr. Except re-declaration40ft container Explain the price to him Quotation: pack1pcs20ft container+consolidation and40ft The price and handling procedure of the container are different20ft+Although the container can be shipped on the same day, it needs to be divided2for export and US import procedures,  It is better to refit40ft container,  The cost is less than that of packaging2More than 10,000,  40The ratio of quotation per square foot cabinet20 Compared with the square foot cabinet, it only increases by less than 3 One-fifth of the cost and the process of packing and picking up the goods is also the same asJMr. full analysis and report.