Shippers will occasionally ask questions like the following when inquiring about moving services; “Your company is in Taipei, But we are in OO County/City/Township/Town, so can we also provide services?” In fact, compared with other countries or regions, transportation in Taiwan is quite convenient. So as long as it is accessible, there is no area that cannot be served. If I had to name a place beyond my ability, I would think it would be Jade Mountain Peak. (laughs)

Not long ago, a lady who lived in Taichung asked us about our moving service. Miss N wanted to move from Taichung Items to New York, USA. She saw our information on the Internet and also read our blog group and decided to contact us. The shipper believes that we can provide good services to her, but she also carefully asked the above questions to confirm whether we can provide services. The conclusion is of course that there is no problem!

Miss N’s items can’t be said to be few or many. The most special thing is that Ms. N wants to bring a long sofa, and Ms. N cannot accept the suggestion of a wooden box because of budgetary problems, and Ms. N also mentioned that because the legs of the sofa are pointed, if it is not handled properly If it is, it is easy to cause damage. Originally I asked Ms. N if the chair legs could be disassembled, so we only need to remove the chair legs and pack them together with the sofa seat and you’re done. However, in fact, the frame of the sofa that Ms. N wants to bring is integrally formed and cannot be disassembled. In this way, we have to pack the chair legs in 【key point】.

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Understanding the concerns of the shipper, after the packaging is completed, we will also send the photos to the customer to let her know after the packaging Case. On the other hand, please pay special attention to the transportation of the shipping company and the post-service personnel. In the end, the consigned items were delivered intact, and the shipper was very sure of our service.

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