Edward is a sojourner in Taiwan3Americans who have been engaged in church service and English teaching for more than 10 years, He and his family planned to move back to the United States in November last year11about, Because he and his wife can only communicate in one word in Chinese, So he started to inquire about carrying luggage back to the United States early Message, Because there is still more than half a year before he plans to leave Taiwan, We will provide suggestions on packing luggage and shipping details first, And give some simple answers to his questions span>. We advise him to go back to the US for the first 2months Left and right, After we reconfirm the objects he wants to move, the services he needs and the items he needs to pack, It is more in the interest of the shipper for us to re-quote and conclude a service contract according to actual needs.

This year5< span style="font-family: New Detail;">Yue he called to re-ask as agreed, And he also admitted that after screening , Select us-Taipei Songfu exquisite moving and another company for final inquiry. EdIt means that when he called half a year ago to inquire, he was very impressed with our answering questions,

laterEdwardI really choose our service, Edvery busy, < span style="font-family: New Fine Body;">I mostly communicate with his wifeShalbeyContact, Practice English by the way, She said she would choose us, < span style="font-family: New Detail;">Price is one of the considerations, And we make them feel that we are Enthusiastic to provide advice and we go to his home for evaluation and measurement, Always give clear answers to their questions and will double confirm both parties Did not misunderstand the meaning of the other party, When explaining the service process, let them fully understand each procedure step and when they need his cooperation The information we need, Let them feel that we also pay attention to the small details they care about, Make them feel at ease, Because they have two kids in school, There are a lot of formalities and other chores to be done, We will try to cooperate with them, Or make some suggestions in due course. And they also impress me very deeply. Because they always speak softly, Even if they teach their sons, they are like this, This is really different from ordinary people, Especially me CASE of another foreigner completed, 天ㄚ, That was a torture!!! The contrast is really great. I can’t help but want to do something more for them.

I can understand , I just feel tired of tidying up my house,

not to mention the country-to-country move , For the owner, Especially if there are children family, Because there are many documents to be processed, We still need to do things for the school, Even if we plan early, When it comes to actual implementation, it is inevitable that you still have to be in a hurry, For foreigners who don’t know much Chinese, it should be more difficult span>. When we explain, we must try to explain clearly and clearly to make sure they fully understand, Our explanation and timely provide some suggestions to relieve their stress.

Like< /span>EdCASE From this MayEdContact us again to start inquiry, We have been calling oremailCommunication, UnderstandEd and ShalbeyRequirements and confirmation of each step, We will complete the execution in mid-June After the service contract