Last month, there was an expatriate living in Taiwan for unknown yearsY Mr., because of the change of work assignment, he had to move back to Hong Kong to take up his post, so he specially called Songfu Taipei Moving Company Ask questions about moving overseas. YMr. is a polite person, and he directly stated that he did not know how many things he had to move at the beginning of the inquiry (this seems to be one of the common problems of people who want to move), thinking Know the approximate price of overseas moving and the approximate status of the entire process. After asking about his moving needs in detail, he learned that sea transportation would be suitableYYMr. needs to move overseas. Hong Kong is not too far away, and the range of price adjustments is limited, so the most basic unit is sea freight──1 Cubic meters are estimated first. However, the first cubic meter of sea freight is the base fee, and as the cubic meters of consignment items increase, some fixed costs will increase marginal costs less and less. In directionYAfter Mr. explained this principle,YMr. decided that he should be able to bring more items back.




AlthoughYMr. is a busy office worker, but he still wants to pack and organize the items for moving and shipping by himself. From the standpoint of Songfu moving company, it is necessary to meet the needs of customers as much as possible, so pre-arrange cartons for YMr. is a certain thing. But how many cartons are enough for moving??In fact, this question is also easy to answer, I would like toYMr. Suggestion: You can prepare more cartons, and return them to us if you really can’t use them up,YMr. readily accepts our suggestion, so prepare in advance< span lang="EN-US" style="font-family: Arial; color: black; font-size: 11pt;">20A carton forYYMr. ” style=”font-family: Arial; color: black; font-size: 11pt;”>12only a carton).






YIn order to carry overseas moving luggage, Mr. Friday asked for a day off handle things, but becauseYMr. lives in a downtown area, and the counters are restricted to enter the warehouse on that day12 Before that point, deciding when to move to work is a pressing matter. Originally, it was decided to start the moving work at 8:00 am, but Mr. Lin, the staff member of Songfu moving house, got confirmation with the customer that day, and changed it to start the moving work at 7:30 on the same day.