Our business received a very special and difficult case. From last year’s 10/7 call to inquire, we completed this case on 3/21!

On 10/7, 1999, I received a call asking if I could move the rowing boats to the opposite bank!? There are 18 rowing boats in total, the longest size and the shortest ones: and they are all V-shaped bottoms, made of carbon fiber, because the rowing boats have been used Finally, some problems on the paint need to be sent back to the original factory – Zhejiang, mainland China, for repair and maintenance. We encountered many difficulties during the transportation process. Each canoe had to be individually packaged and put on the shelf. Just the brackets, our master and the other party After discussing for a long time, how not to damage the ship during the transportation process, we finally designed the style of the bracket. We will use foam to bind each bracket, and then use a figure-of-eight binding to fix each ship during transportation. There will be no collisions during the process.


We first ask the mainland to provide the size of each vessel, the length, width, height and spacing of the brackets, conduct a business evaluation of the size of our containers and the information provided by the mainland, and after confirming with Taiwan and the mainland that there is no problem, we will start Carry out our rowing boat handling. Before moving the ship to the container rack, we first set up the brackets, then wrap each bracket with foam to avoid collisions, and then bind the brackets to the container to confirm that the brackets are fixed on the 40-foot container. Two boats are loaded onto the container. Since the brackets are placed in the middle of the container, our masters must have one at the front and one at the front. The problem is that when all the ships are loaded into the container, there is almost no space. Shuttle back and forth between the remaining gaps and make sure that all boats are firmly fixed on the brackets and will not slip.


As shown below:

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IMG_4462         IMG_4463

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