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Shipping address: Ligang Township, Pingtung County

Destination address: Thailand

International relocation is actually a big test, which tests patience, quick response, adaptability and professional ability, otherwise we cannot assist Solve the problems of the guests, sometimes the things that the guests want to ship are a bit dumbfounding, and sometimes they encounter strange regulations in certain countries.

A few days ago, I assisted an overseas Chinese in Thailand to carry a 20-foot container of belongings back to Thailand. This overseas Chinese lady was originally in To open a restaurant in Taichung City, Taiwan, except for her personal luggage, she wants to move all the equipment used for business back to Thailand for opening. Of course, there are a variety of items, from large refrigerators and air conditioners for business use, to toothpicks and dental floss , ballpoint pen… etc., all the unexpected and unexpected things were brought home. At the beginning, the 8 A4 sheets of Items were a little scary. I am afraid that just doing customs declaration documents will cause finger cramps. And some things are really difficult to translate into English. For example: hot water bucket, which is a large white iron utensil for heating water used in restaurants, looks a bit like a big iron bucket, ㄟ… a bit difficult to translate.

However, this lady did make a very clear list, which items are packed in which box and arranged Box number, let us reduce some difficulties when making customs declaration documents. Of course, when his items arrive at the local area, because the customs declaration documents are detailed enough, customs inspection can also avoid customs clearance delays due to defects in customs declaration documents, and the recipient will You can save some delay costs. However, when I inquired about the local import regulations in Thailand, I found that some items that I thought were normal shipping methods still had to meet the local requirements. For example, her items included a red plastic bucket and a blue plastic bucket. In order to make full use of the space inside I packed some small things and sundries, usually this is OK, the Thai agent replied that it was really not OK, the red plastic bucket needs to be emptied, which made me wonder why the red bucket can’t hold things, but the blue bucket can be. Sequoia relationship? As long as it is related to Hong, it must be dealt with specially? Ask again if it turns into a blue bucket and it needs to be emptied, it’s strange, there is space in the refrigerator to put things in, but plastic buckets can’t? But, usually in order to clear the customs smoothly, it is better for us to cooperate with the local area. After all, it is better to be cautious when transporting objects into other people’s territory